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132                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

murderers. Last night, at seven o'clock, a woman
was assassinated in her own room, not far from
us. There is a great want of money; so much
so as to make it necessary for Government to
seize upon the recette at the opera.

I went yesterday to see the Museum, or
Galerie du Louvre. The dimensions are wonder-
ful, and contain crowds of chef-d'ceuvres, mixed
with bad French pictures. Robert, the painter,
attends us, to show what is intended to be done.
The length is prodigious, but the colour gray and
unfavourable for pictures. Robert wishes the Direc-
tory to make skylights, but they have no money.
It will be very fine when the statues come into
it ,* but there is hardly any light, and nowhere a
good one, for the windows are all near the ground
and much too low for the purpose of lighting up
paintings. Only think ! When the Academicians
opened out the plunder of Lombardy, they found
nothing but copies; so wise are their Mummii,
and so sharp the Italians.1

Bonaparte gives but a lame account of himself
and his troops in his last letter, talking of bad

i If the Italians were too sharp for the French in this
instance—an assertion much to be doubted—the latter amply
revenged themselves at a later period, as was proved by the
contents of the Louvre in 1814.